What VAIS Parents Are Saying...


"After considering several area school districts, we chose Verona due to the awesome Mandarin Chinese immersion opportunity offered at VAIS in a public school setting. Bilingualism is something we can't provide our four kids at home, and we are thrilled with the skill set they will have developed by the end of their experience, not to mention the amazing school community and staff who make our school shine!"

- Tiffani & Mike Roltgen



"VAIS was a a huge opportunity for my son to learn another language at a young age when he will be more likely to retain it. He loved his experience at VAIS!"
- Shayne Santi



"I was floored by how easily our daughter adapted. We'd been a little hesitant to enroll her, but now I tell anyone who will listen: Enrolling our daughter at VAIS was one of the best parenting decisions we've ever made."

- Blaine Jensen



"VAIS has helped my children increase their problem-solving skills exponentially! Being immersed in a 2nd language for half their school day compels them to figure out what the teacher is saying. Studies show that immersion increases the neural pathways in the brain. They are both performing above their grade level in math because they learn it in Mandarin, a language that makes math easier (really!)."
—Parent Review on GreatSchools.Net



"Our daughter has had a wonderful experience at VAIS.  She converses in Mandarin and loves to impress native Chinese speakers by singing songs that they had also learned as children in Mandarin. She is performing far above grade level in her English reading in addition to learning math in both English and Chinese. We have great expectations for the school moving forward and plan to stay with VAIS into the foreseeable future."

—Parent Review on GreatSchools.Net