Research on language-immersion schools shows:

When students are schooled through a second language, they acquire not only the language but also the content without needing to allocate additional instructional time for the specific teaching of a second language at the expense of other subject areas. Furthermore:


  • Immersion programs are the most effective type of second language programs currently available in U.S. schools.
  • Immersion students develop greater cognitive flexibility and better nonverbal problem-solving abilities.
  • Immersion learning is NOT a detriment to English-language learning.
  • Immersion students regularly test at or above their non-immersion peers on standardized tests.
  • Learning a second language has a measurable positive effect on children's intellectual growth.
  • Learning a second language enhances a child's mental development.
  • Learning a second language develops flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening.
  • Immersion learning improves a child's understanding of his/her native language.
  • Learning a second language gives a child the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to know.
  • Learning a second language opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries.
  • Learning a second language provides a student a head start in language requirements for college.
  • Multilinguality is key to opening doors to many of the careers in the global community.





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