VAIS carefully measures students' academic progress. It is the only elementary school in the district that administers Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing to all grades K-5 three times a year- Fall, Winter and Spring. The purpose of MAP testing is to measure student's understanding of academic concepts throughout the school year. This way teachers get "real time" data to determine students that may need targeted interventions or more challenging material.


One of the concerns of any language immersion program is whether or not students will continue to thrive in their native language, which is English for the majority of our students. VAIS test results show that our students perform better than their non-immersion peers in English reading even though half of their school day is spent learning in another language. Because of careful planning and thematic units, our students get all of their English literacy skills while learning half their subjects in Chinese. (See Badger Exam data below)



Our school's math tests are even more remarkable. VAIS test results demonstrate that, as a whole, our students significantly out-perform their non-immersion elementary peers in the district in math test scores. (See Badger Exam data below)