Developed for the young learner with no prior exposure to Chinese, Better Chinese: My First Chinese Words is our language arts curriculum. This curriculum was designed with the idea that young children learn best when the information given is relevant to their everyday lives, which makes learning fun. The stories contain meaningful sentence structures, teaching students to communicate in full sentences as opposed to memorizing individual characters. The series also use overlapping content and a predictable narrative structure to provide a springboard for creative role-playing and acting. This gives children the opportunity to quickly apply what they learn in real-life situations as well as start communicating in Chinese right away. It was also awarded the highest recognition from Hanban as the best Chinese as a Second Language curriculum for its target group.

For Chinese leveled readers we use Mandarin Matrix. Ranging from beginner to advanced, the Chinese Readers use fun and simple stories to introduce new vocabulary, Chinese characters, character recognition and key grammar in a systematic, engaging and outcome-focused way.