Global Arts

VAIS adopted a new approach to related arts instruction. Rather than the usual music, art and physical education classes, students at VAIS engage in “Global Arts” classes. Three times a week students explore some combination of music, art and/or PE instruction with a focus on the global community. VAIS students are exposed to a variety of globally-influenced related arts and offered an opportunity to explore them in greater depth. Some themes students are exploring this year are Folk Tales Across the Globe, Sports Around the World, Global Architecture.


The purpose is to:

  • Expose elementary students to a variety of skills, talents, and interests that they may choose to further develop.
  • Provide time for students to further explore the skills, talents, and interests of their choice.
  • Integrate a more global perspective of the arts.
  • Integrate more technology into project-based learning.
  • Allow students to develop their strengths through projects and revisions.
  • Teach children the skills necessary to become a global entrepreneur.
International Projects
VAIS is part of an online network of teachers and students from around the world that use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects in an effort to enhance learning and make the world a better place. VAIS students connect with other elementary classrooms around the world through these projects. For example, VAIS students have:
  • Sent "Flat Stanley" pictures and stories to a 1st grade classroom in China
  • Exchanged Chinese New Year cards with students in Taiwan, Slovenia and an Islamic school in the United States
  • Planted daffodil and tulip bulbs at the same time as elementary students in different parts of the world. The students will collect data and pictures and share the information with the other classrooms in an on-line forum.