Volunteer on a Committee

To assist in the governance of VAIS, the following committees have been established by the Governance Council.    
  1. Budget Committee: This committee is charged with the development of the VAIS annual budget and review of financial results during the year.  What other public school gives parents and teachers the opportunity to be part of the process to create the school's budget.  We need your input!
  2. Fundraising Committee: This committee assists in coordinating efforts to raise money to meet the school's commitment to providing a rich learning program of our students.  Our fundraising goal this year is $20,000.  The money raised is used for many important programs and supplies including curriculum, classroom and teaching supplies, field trips, IT support, professional development for teachers and much more.  Please come join the fun and help us meet our goal!
  3. Curriculum Committee: This committee's primary purpose is to assist with continuously improving the educational program, in line with VAIS' mission and vision, via research, curriculum development and a review of recommendations for changes in curriculum and/or primary learning materials brought to the committee by staff or parents.  In-depth discussions on the research and recommendations take place in these committee meetings.  Be a part of charting the course of your child's education!
  4. Marketing & Community Relations Committee:  This committee works to build and strengthen our relationships with both inside the VAIS community and the community-at-large through events and communications.  The Chinese New Year event is an example of one of our annual events.  This year the committee will continue focusing on the culture diversity at Stoner Prairie and fostering relationships with our neighbors. Additionally, this committee plays a critical role in ensuring a rich and diverse student population by managing recruiting efforts including tours and open houses, etc. Come join!
To sign up for a committee, use this link.

Governance Council

VAIS is governed by a council of parents, staff and community members. This group makes the high level decisions concerning the day to day operations of VAIS. Functions of the Governance Council include, but are not limited to, budget allocations, capital expenditures, grant proposals, personnel, curriculum, assessments, VAIS policies and procedures, committee responsibilities, goals and future of VAIS. Current Governance Council members include:

Carolyn Jahnke, President

Cindy Grady, Vice President
Tracy Doeppers, Treasurer

Kathy Lake, Secretary

Ann Princl, Director

Lumei Huang, VAIS Teacher

Sarah Shaw, VAIS Teacher

Grace Flores, Parent Representative

Kurt Hermsen, Parent Representative

Doug Cieslak, Graduate Parent Representative

Teresa Mueller, Graduate Parent Representative

Charles James, Community Representative



The Governance Council generally meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Stoner Prairie Elementary School in the LMC. Meetings are open to the public.


Meeting Minutes