VAIS opened its doors in 2010 and has added a new kindergarten class each year. We are a complete K-5 school.  Our charter allows for a new class of incoming kindergartners to be added each year, as each fifth grade class graduates.



Although we cannot accurately predict if your child will be able to be placed, we can tell you that in five of our first six years, we've either exactly filled the number of spots we had available, or had a short waiting list.  In one year we did not fill the class to full capacity of 22 students, and had a smaller class size (closer to the kindergarten class sizes of some of the other Verona Area School District kindergarten classrooms).  Parents indicating a preference for VAIS on the Kindergarten Placement form will have their child entered in the lottery for placement.  Certain characteristics are weighted, such as receiving free/reduced lunch and having a sibling enrolled in the school.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in a grade other than kindergarten at VAIS, we sometimes have a small number of openings. Joining our immersion setting in the first grade as opposed to kindergarten does present some challenges, but these can be very manageable hurdles for families willing to commit and actively partner with us in easing the transition. For children in older grades, their existing proficiency in Chinese needs to be compatible with the grade level in which they will be enrolling in order to be considered for placement.  Regardless of whether you reside within or outside the Verona Area School District, we would be happy to speak with you about testing, remedial work (if necessary), and summer language-learning opportunities for new students, particularly those joining the program as first-graders.


To learn more about placement in the charter schools of the Verona Area School District, including the VAIS, click here.


Call our Director, Barbara Drake, at (608) 845-4024 to check for openings at the VAIS and/or to be placed on the enrollment waiting list. For Spanish, please call (608) 845-4224.